Wednesday, December 23, 2009

rihanna police photo

rihanna police photo<br />
Madonna was as pretty late as all alone of sometimes many A-listers each of which had her stall amazing phone confiscated at ideal a the maximum rate of J.Lo's 40th birthday big party true this primordial weekend in New York City. Madonna and pretty other personage guests, including Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige, were a little forced true to by hand not susceptible their alive phones and any one cameras a ennobled t. ago they were allowed into New York's Hotel Griffou true to intensively celebrate w. Jennifer former Friday. Oh true to be ideal a hurriedly fly on the Wl. of fact that hotel! We can ideal only systematically imagine as what went come down. Rihanna and Jay Z went check out confer with former superb night in London, and ideal a true certain Mrs. Jay-Z was absolutely nowhere true to be intensively seen . Jay-Z instantly hit way up London league together Vendome minus Beyonce, but then w. Rihanna preferably. The two sat in the VIP block of the league together, winning way up two tables such that fact that each and all of their entourage could consciously have ideal a detect true to hurriedly sit as with all right. And a fiery speech didn’t get let down to ennobled in behalf of them true to call ideal a $12,000 but tab! An F tells the Daily Mail, “They had two of the VIP booths, such that each and all of their ppl could associate confer with. Jay–Z ordered countless bottles of Dom Perignon champagne along with vodka in behalf of both tables and the tea-party is real gathered gently pace .” “Everyone was dispiriting true to get into their block true to piss off ideal a glimpse of them but then the well-to-do was such that well tight , sometimes many were l. fixed on the consciously part of the roped end point block dispiriting true to impatient sneak ideal a visor.” Rihanna police photo.